Kitchen DIY: 2 Great Grilled Cheese Sandwich Techniques

Kitchen DIY: 2 Great Grilled Cheese Sandwich Techniques

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Feminists have no fear, as I am the sammich maker at my house.  I mean I do tell Genny to go make me a sandwich, but she tells me to get up and make it myself….

Having a toddler means I have plenty of time to get my grilled cheese skills refined – so much so that I want to share 2 Great Grilled Cheese Sandwich Techniques that I have perfected.  One is faster, one tastes better – but hey its a grilled cheese, so all recipes are fast and good enough…

First, instead of using butter on your bread – try mayonnaise – the fat content fries the bread beautifully, but it gives the sandwich a nice taste, plus it is much easier to spread.

the second is to heat the over to 350 and pour a little oil in a cookie sheet and lay out an even number of slices of bread in the oil – layering a single slice of cheese (or grated cheese) on each slice.  Bake for about 10 minutes and then combine two slices to make a nice set of sandwiches all at once.

Like I said, these 2 Grilled Cheese Sandwich Techniques are easy, there isn’t much to them, but they are tasty and fast.

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