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How to Grow and Process Loofa Gourds


Growing and Processing Loofa
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In this video I show how I go about growing and processing loofa.

Loofa gourds are vining gourds and if you don’t give them something to climb on they will spread wildly through the garden.

They need to be planted early enough so they start to dry before you start to get frost.  If the loofas freeze on the vine they will rot and not give you the nice dry sponge inside.

Once you let the loofa (dishrag sponge) turn brown you pick it and take it inside.

Once the sponge is fully dried (about 200 days from planted seeds to dried) you can harvest the sponge.  Simply cut open the end and dump out the seeds.

Next peel the dried gourd skin away leaving a natural sponge.

That is really the basics of how to start growing and processing loofa.

As I mentioned in the video I have seen people cast soap around a loofa sponge.  When you slice the soap you have a loofa scrubbing soap.  The sponge is encased with soap so that you have a soapy scrubber.

One of these days I want to try that, but since I just recently tried soap-making, I have a while to go before I am comfortable showing advanced methods.

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