Gardening Tip: Growing Celery From Scrap


Gardening Tip: Growing Celery From Scrap
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I have read all manner of internet articles telling me how to grow food from vegetable scrap.  Unfortunately my experience is, that the more something is posted the less likely it is to work because many sites simply copy and paste their articles and don’t really DO the things they write about.

I keep a list of things I want to try and when I acquire the time and materials I eventually get around to doing them.  Growing Celery from scrap has been on my list for some time.

I happen to have been working on a pickling celery post and had some celery left over so I figured I would try this out and share the results.

After cutting up celery for the recipe I was working with, I simply took the base, trimmed it a little, and set it in a saucer filled with some water.

I set the saucer in a sunny area of my kitchen and over the next couple of weeks ensured that the saucer had water in it.

After a while The celery sprouted and I planted it in my garden – free celery…

So in this case the internet was right about growing celery from scrap.

This worked pretty well, and I think it is a great project/experiment to do with your kids.

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