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How to Grow Space Plants

Growing Space Plants
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Being an unstoppable internet searcher I am constantly absorbing new ideas for neat projects (that’s why there is such a backlog between my YouTube channel and my blog articles). When I found “space plants” I had to order some seeds and try my hand at growing space plants

Basically the University of Utah in conjunction with NASA has developed “super dwarf” seeds to be grown on the international space station.

These plants were designed specifically to be grown hydroponically on shelves using artificial light.

They have two kinds of wheat, peppers, tomatoes, soybeans, rice and peas that stay under about 20 cm tall. I ordered some wheat and some tomatoes – I think the seeds were around 6 dollars a packet

I got impatient with the tomatoes and did not start them I just sprinkled them in my grow medium and they washed out (I still have more seed and I will replant as soon as I find my round tuit).

The wheat is growing pretty nicely; it looks like 6 inch tall grass. They haven’t formed seeds yet, but it is still early.

Or you can just order the seeds here: (look under e-store and kits)

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