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Gun Care & Repair

Gun Care & Repair
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Gun Care & Repair is a great PDF for gun owners.  Anyone can own a gun, but if you can’t care for then you really aren’t a shooter.

Additionally, if you keep them for disaster preparation then you owe it to yourself to know how to fix them to keep them running.

Personally, I enjoy the feeling I get when I take a complicated piece of machinery like a gun and understand how it works.

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You don’t have to spend a lot to get a basic understanding of gunsmithing and gun care, this is a free PDF.  It is older, and written by a Marine, so it has a lot of information on the weapons of the Marine Corps of the early 1900’s (like that is a problem)

It has good information on tools and setting up a basic shop, and is a good collection to any gunsmith’s collection of resources.

I mostly stick to Glocks, but there is a lot in this PDF on basic gun care that I use on my firearms.  Just remember, reading a PDF is one thing, but building a shop and actually practicing the information found in this old book is something much more powerful.

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