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Handbook for Radiological Defense Education

Handbook for Radiological Defense Education
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Handbook for Radiological Defense Education is an old document from 1959 for training schools that received radiological detection equipment from civil defense.

It is an old document, and much of the equipment has changed as the technology has increased, but the fundamentals of radiological monitoring have remained the same as well as the basic physics of nuclear detonations.

There are better documents available, and I view this one as more of a historical reference than an actual training tool, but since we don’t do a lot of bomb shelter drills in schools anymore, there is some things in this document that are better kept around just in case the need arises to retrain schools in being public safety shelters.

There is no sense in having to rediscover the wheel, when we can keep old documents like this Handbook for Radiological Defense Education around.

Personally I hope documents like this will never have to be used again, but in the back of my mind, I know that large groups of people tend to be stupid, and if someone has a tool sitting on a shelf eventually they will use it.  I fear that one day some country will hit us with a nuclear device.

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