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Handgun IV Ammunition Considerations
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I am not posting a full article with his handgun ammo video.

This is an experiment making videos using my class PowerPoint presentations. I did feel the need to be a little more brief in my explanations of the slides than I normally am in class, but that’s because in class, with me jumping around and passing around training aids it takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to describe the concepts I posted here. I don’t think I can keep a YouTube Audience interested for an hour long handgun ammunition video.

As always, these videos do not take the place of live interaction with a qualified instructor. This is just another attempt to use a new medium to help give a new shooter a starting point in their training so they may feel a little more comfortable in a formal class.

I enjoyed the process of taking presentations I use in my handgun classes and turning them into YouTube videos – however, it is hard taking slides that are for a 8, 11, or 17 hour class and cutting them down to 3o minutes or so.

I left out a lot, and since I have no way to gauge understanding, then there is no way this video (or any like it) takes the place of a real class.


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