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Harvesting Urban Timber

Book Review: Harvesting Urban Timber
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Harvesting Urban Timber explains the importance of harvesting urban trees and how to do so.

Three to four billion board feet of potential lumber is being fed either directly or indirectly into landfills throughout the United States each year.

Case studies illustrate how some cities and counties have reduced waste through the use of urban timber for various projects. Explained in detail are felling, safety, converting trees to sawn lumber, how to hire a sawyer, how to season the wood, sawing for figure, and what types of trees are worth harvesting.

Also described are the various uses for the timber, including use by the home craftsman or to build park benches or bumper strips. Each alternative use is illustrated through case studies of several municipalities and their respective programs of urban timber utilization.

As an owner of a small portable sawmill I can’t afford to buy logs, this book helps me find trees to make the lumber I need to do the projects I need to do. Harvesting Urban Timber is a great book for homesteaders and prepsteaders.  I highly recommend it.

Harvesting Urban Timber explains the importance of harvesting urban trees and how to do so.

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