How to Harvest White Mustard Seed


Harvesting White Mustard
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Growing and using mustard was a lot like making cheese, it was something I never did before, never thought about, but upon first hearing about it thought it would be extremely difficult.  In this post I show how easy it is to start harvesting white mustard.

However, like cheese making, it turned out to be rather simple.

In all actuality, it is so simple, I am surprised more people don’t do it.

How to Harvest White Mustard Seed

  • Once the mustard seeds are ready for harvest – meaning the stalks are brown and the seed pods are turning brittle, but not so dry that they have burst on their own, simply take a paper bag or plastic bucket and snip the ends off the mustard stem and drop them into the container.
  • Thresh the seeds so that the pods break open and release the seeds. If using a plastic bucket you can step in it and trample the seeds with your feet. I just reached into the bucket and pounded them “gently” with a stick (firmly, but not hard enough to smash the seeds)and massaged them with my hands.
  • Once the seed pods were broken open, I winnowed the seeds by taking them outside, turning on a fan, and then tossing the contents of the bucket into the air. This lets the lighter vegetation blow away with the heavier seeds falling back into the bucket.

This was not hard, but it was time consuming. Next week we will show you how to make mustard from the seeds.

Now that we have harvested white mustard, lets turn it into something delicious – homemade mustard.

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