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The Amazing History of Early Weapons

Book Review: The Amazing History of Early Weapons
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The Amazing History of Early Weapons is 120 pages of illustrated articles reprinted from American Machinist Magazine, 1918. 1. Cannon making in past centuries. 2. Musket manufacture in past centuries. 3. Early attempts at submarine building. 4. Some types of modern (1918) hand grenades. 5. Early history of the marine torpedo. 6. Ancient helmet making. 7. The development of gun manufacture. 8. The forerunner of the tank. 9. Fighting with fire in ancient times. 10. Early attempts at rapid-firing guns. 11. Making boring bars for big guns. 12. Intrenchments and the wire barrier.

This book is reprint from an old magazine, it gives good information, but it is not a step by step assembly guide.  I have used this book to build things, but you have to be able to extrapolate from what they are saying.

This book came from the now defunct Lindsey books, which was a priceless tool for preppers, DIYers, and the self reliant.  I was very sad when Lindsey decided that the world was now overrun with the stupid and he didn’t want to deal with the public anymore.

I can’t say that the History of Early Weapons is the best of his books, but I did find it pretty interesting as well as a book full of ideas.  I believe that the handy and smart modern man, with desire and the willingness to work hard can replicate any of the technology of the 1800’s and earlier.

This means that if you want it, and are willing to do the work any of the subjects in this book can be replicated.

Which is why, if you dig down to the root, is the reason I took up metal casting.  One day I hope to build my own cannon.

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