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Book Review: Home Cheese Making
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Some of my first online videos dealt with me experimenting with home cheese making, and I get a lot of questions about making cheese. I am no expert in making cheese. Ricki Carroll, the author of this book, is an expert.

She is a pioneer in home cheese making, when she started the only way to get cheesemaking cultures and other ingredients were to purchase items packaged for factories, and I doubt someone who wants to try their hand at making cheese would start out buying a 20 pound bag of culture, when each recipe only takes ounces….

Ricki saw a need, and began repackaging these bulk purchases into smaller, consumer sized packages. This lead to many people ask her questions – and this lead to her book.

This book is one of the first things a aspiring cheesemaker should purchase. It is clearly illustrated, and plainly written. It gives step by step recipes, tips, and techniques to make many types of cheese.

If you are a prepper, homesteader, small scale goat herder, concerned about factory dairy production, foodie, or just interested in making cheese, then this is a very valuable resource.

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