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The Handgun (Home Workshop Guns for Defense & Resistance, Vol. 2)

Book Review: The Handgun (Home Workshop Guns for Defense & Resistance, Vol.  2)
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Home Workshop Guns for Defense & Resistance Volume II is a clear and simple guide to building a semi- or full-auto pistol or a single-shot, falling-block handgun from common materials in the privacy of your home workshop.

In addition to offering many alternative workshop gunsmithing tips, the author explains how each part and section of the gun is made and discusses thoroughly the subjects of heat-treatment and bluing.

I haven’t built any guns more complicated than slam fire shotguns like what is illustrated in the improvised munitions manual or assembling an AR, but this is a fine book with easy to follow instructions.

As long as you don’t make anything fully automatic or bigger than .50 caliber (and stay within all the other insane regulations) of the BATFE making your own guns are legal.

I enjoy thumbing through Home Workshop Guns for Defense & Resistance – between it an Luty’s book on expedient homemade firearms I know that no matter what happens the citizenry of America will always have guns.

I find that books like these (and the publishers willing to print books like these) are becoming more and more rare as our society changes.  It is my desire that every prepper household buys books like this to ensure that the information is always present in out society.  Ben Franklin would have wanted this also.

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