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How to Keep Brownies from Sticking to the Pan


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This is a very simple tip.  My wife loves cooking homemade brownies.  She uses it as a teaching tool in her special education class to teach cause/effect, math, and life skills.

Unfortunately if you are not careful a homemade brownie will stick to the pan. Luckily pinterest showed me a better way.

If you grease your pan normally, but then spread parchment paper over it, and then pour the mix over the mix the brownies are very simple to remove.

The paper will not stick to the pan, nor the brownies.

This homemade brownie tip is short and simple, but that does not mean it is not useful.  I know that it saves me a lot of time cleaning out the pan because I don’t have to scrape out little burnt bits of brownies from the pan.

I will understand if you need to practice this tip over and over to ensure you get it right.  You may have to make several brownie batches to ensure you get it just right.  I have a homemade brownie mix that may make this even better.

If you want a healthier (healthier being relative) I have a recipe that uses blackberries in the brownie mix.

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