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How to Make and Use a Homemade Rabbit Neck Wringer


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This used to me called a homemade rabbit cervical dislocator, to make it more clinical, but with all the heat I get from those that don’t understand food production I decided to call it what it is: a Homemade Rabbit Neck Wringer.

I try very hard to raise my animals in the most humane way possible.  Raising them humanely even made a podcasts about rabbits.  I care for my rabbits every day, and I enjoy watching them.  However, just because I like having rabbits doesn’t mean I can afford bunny welfare.  I eat my rabbits; otherwise I cannot spend money to feed them.  But part of taking care of them in the most humane way includes dispatching using a Rabbit Cervical Dislocator which, in my opinion is the quickest and least painful way possible.

Why use a Rabbit Neck Wringer?

I use cervical dislocation as my preferred method of rabbit dispatching.  When done properly it is fast and painless.  It is actually considered by most veterinary organizations as one of the most ethical methods for terminating the life of small rodents such as rats, mice, squirrels.  As a matter of fact there was a time that cervical dislocation was considered the most ethical method of terminating American convicts.

However, it takes quite a bit of strength and some measure of technique to perform cervical dislocation with your hands only.  In the west, they used stiff rope and a calculated drop to dislocate convicted murderers.  That’s not really appropriate with rabbits, but there are some devices on the market to help with rabbits.

There is a company that builds a device that helps with internal decapitation of rabbit.  The build a stainless steel rack that the rabbits head fits into; this allows the farmer to use both hands to put sufficient pressure on the rabbit’s legs instead on only one hand like manual methods use.   I wanted to buy one, but it would not fit where I wanted it too because of its length, and I wanted a project I could do with my nephew while he was visiting (every 11 year old needs to spend a little time heating and banging on metal).

The video above shows the construction of my take on the rabbit wringer design.  The video below shows the device in use.

Rabbit Neck Wringer In Use

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  1. Kathleen Stevenson Kathleen Stevenson

    Thanks for sharing! I was looking at hopper poppers and figured I could have hubby make one out of scrap and save us about 70 bucks. Very helpful! Also, try to ignore the negative comments. Some folks don’t understand the importance of being self sufficient.. Ah well.. In the event of a zombie apocalypse or (more likely) and economic collapse we’ll still be eating good! Lol

  2. Louise Louise

    what are the dimensions of the wringer? At the beginning and at the bottom of the U shape.

    Great demo 🙂

  3. Tamara Tamara

    Thank You for the demo’s! Im new at this and I think its a great way!

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