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How to Make Small Cell Foundation Using a DIY Mold


How to Make Small Cell Beehive Foundation Using a DIY Mold
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I still have to get my procedure down, but I have a decent process on making homemade small cell foundation. As I said, making foundation from poured was gives a more brittle product than a rolled sheet of foundation.

But basically you melt your wax – taking care not to overheat the wax. I use a crock pot set on low.
I then prepare the mold using cold water with a little dish soap (I keep some handy to cool the sheets)

Using a ladle, pour molten wax on the mold, trying to keep it even and enough to fill, but not overfill your mold. You want some wax to flow past the actual molded cell structure to allow for trimming and setting in your frames.

Quickly close your mold and let set.

Once the wax melts, gently lift the sheet off of the mold. I did not discover this until after the video was complete, but a still plastic place mat slid under the wax greatly reduces breakage.

Lay the wax on a solid surface, and using a pizza cutter; gently trim the foundation to fit your frame.

Set aside, layering with parchment or wax paper so that the foundation does not stick.
Later we will show how to use this foundation in a frame.

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