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Homemade Taco Shells

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Tacos are a very easy meal to make, and they can be pretty inexpensive also. In today’s article we will show how easy it is to make your own Homemade Taco Shells.

In the video below we use store bought corn tortillas, but we have done articles in the past about how to make your own tortillas for an even cheaper meal.

You can also buy all sorts of tools to make this easier, the Norpro press we link to at the bottom of this article is very useful, but all you really need is a set of metal tongs or a metal spatula.

Simply use high smoke point oil, get it hot, and then lay a tortilla into the hot oil.

Next, press down in the center of the tortilla with your tongs or spatula; the sides will float, causing the tortilla to take on the familiar taco shell shape.

If your tortillas do not become crisp, then most likely you are not using hot enough oil, and/or not cooking long enough.

Remove, let drain, and then enjoy truly fresh tacos. This is a really fun project to do, and it makes for a special taco night at home.

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