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Homesteading: August 2015 Homestead Update

Homesteading: August 2015 Homestead Update
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In this August 2015 homestead update, I got the backhoe running and dug some stumps.  Unfortunately I had a leak.  I tried to keep using the machine, but it leaked faster than I could keep oil in it so I went onto other things.

I painted some posts I cut with a copper preservative.  It is nasty stuff to paint with, but it is supposed to protect my wood posts if I bury it.  I linked to it in the picture.

After I got the posts painted I went about setting up a track for the sawmill*  The plan is to use cement blocks to hold a treated lumber frame so I don’t have my 4x4s sitting on the ground.  That should make them last longer.  With any luck my track will last until was after the 2020 homestead update.

Mostly though I messed with stumps.  I got out 5 large stumps back where I want to build a goat shed.  The area backs up to the side of the property line and an old logging trail that goes down to the road.

At this time I need a spot for the sawmill as well as some shade and a place for tools to stay out of the rain.  Eventually I want it to be a goat barn/milking area.


I gave up on the track and built one out of a boat trailer.

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