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Homesteading: Setbacks

Homesteading: Setbacks
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A cool new mindset video from my new favorite YouTube channel.

You have to love a bunch of teenagers with this much gumption.

I especially like how they talk about what they are doing, even when it shows their Homesteading Setbacks.

It is always great to learn from people who are actually doing what you want to do.

I know that as I continue to build my homestead and prepare for life’s disasters, I keep having homestead setbacks.

As I get ready to pay off a vehicle a transmission breaks, or as I get ready to build a building a water heater goes out.

If your not having homesteading setbacks then you probably are not working to your full potential.  If you coast along and never do anything life is easier, but it isn’t your full potential and it won’t protect you from disasters.

I feel that the more you do the more problems you encounter.  But the more problems you encounter the better you are at dealing with them.  Have problems, have solutions, turn your homesteading setbacks into opportunity. If you do then life is better.  You will also have better stories.  Speaking of stories, watch the mylittlehomestead channel, these guys are awesome.

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