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How and When to Be Your Own Doctor

How and When to Be Your Own Doctor
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I am not a Doctor, I think that is obvious, and I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this PDF. I haven’t read all of How and When to Be Your Own Doctor but the gist is fast occasionally, eat well, and keep clean. To me though while the information sounds good the manner it was presented turns me off. It makes it seem like that is some groundbreaking secret revelation.

Now, that is not to say it isn’t HARD. When I went to my endocrinologist she told me blood sugar was around 380 fasting because of sweet tea. I eat decently and not as much as you would think for a 350 pound guy. She said drinking all that sweat tea (not the tea the sugar in it) was killing me. It was about 2 cup of sugar a day in two gallons of tea.

I decided to go cold turkey. After 2 weeks my fasting blood sugar is 185 with no other changes. Now that isn’t rocket science. East less sugar blood sugar goes down. But while simple it was hard. I CRAVE tea. I HATE drinking plain water. It is a struggle. However, after a couple of weeks I feel better.

I seems that How and When to Be Your Own Doctor is the same thing. Just package to make it look mysterious.

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