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NASA How Do You Make a Weather Satellite

NASA How Do You Make a Weather Satellite
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I have another kids science document to share, its from NASA and is entitled, How Do You Make a Weather Satellite.  If your child is addicted to technology like mine is, the same PDF is interactive online at this link.

How does a satellite stay up in space without falling back to Earth? How is a weather satellite able to take pictures or measure surface temperatures from space? How does a satellite communicate with Earth? These questions and more are answered in the booklet

If your child is interested but a little to old for the document, I have a YouTube video below the document.

I was surprised at how much information was online directed towards kids questions about NASA Satellite’s either NASA has a great outreach program, or there is a lot of online interest.  Either way, if you child is into science then this is a win for them.

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”NASA How Do You Make a Weather Satellite”]

What exactly goes into building a new weather satellite? This new animated video below explains how GOES-R was developed and how new science and technology on the GOES-R series satellites will provide significant advancements in the observation of severe weather.

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