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How To Keep Up With the Amount of Water You Drink Per Day?


How Much Water Should You Drink
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Genny has a good tip on how to keep up with how much water you should drink in a day.

Water is a vital part of a healthy diet.  It helps you to feel full, it lubricates your joints, helps your body eliminate waste, lets you sweat to keep cool, and is generally essential to life.

Unfortunately most people do not drink near enough water.

To ensure you drink enough water you should determine how much you weigh in pounds.  Divide that number in half.

The number you get is the amount of water you should drink daily in ounces.


  • If you weigh 180 pounds, half of 180 is 90 so you should drink 90 ounces of water a day.

That is pretty easy, but the harder part is keeping up with how much water you have drunk.

This is the neat part of Genny’s tip.

  • Find a cup you can easily keep up with. (I like clear sports bottles with fruit infusers, but that is my personal preference).
  • Determine how many ounces it holds.
  • Divide the ounces in the container by the ounces you need to drink
  • Round up to get a whole number and place that many rubber bands around the container.


How To Keep Up With the Amount of Water You Drink Per Day?

90 ounces of water for a 20 ounce bottle 90/20 = 4.5.

A 180 pound person with a 20 ounce bottle needs to drink the entire container 4 and a half times a day.

Fill your container and each time you drink it empty remove a band and refill it.

When you have removed all 5 bands you have drank your daily requirement of water.

This is a simple way to keep up with your daily water intake.

Genny has found that simple lifestyle changes are more sustainable than diets.  The 21 day fix system has allowed her to loose more than 90 pounds and make permanent changes that ensure she does not only lose weight, but she keeps it off.

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