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How to Build Practical Firearm Suppressors

Book Review: How to Build Practical Firearm Suppressors
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How to Build Practical Firearm Suppressors is a very small book that covers the very basics of how to construct a suppressor.  It does a fairly good job at it, but if you already know the basics, then everything in this book is just common sense.

Of course, If you live in the United States, and have not paid your $200 tax stamp and have a completed ATF form 1 giving you permission to engage in this activity then you will face serious police consequences if you construct anything in this book.

However, if you are willing to fill out the proper paperwork and remit the fee that Caesar demands then this book will show you how to build a firearm suppressor.

Now, if you consider the suppressor to be practical or not depends on what you think is practical.

If by practical you mean low cost and some level of decibel reduction then it will show practical suppressors.  If you mean high quality construction that rivals the commercial brands – then the designs within this book are not practical.

But all things considered, suppressors have been around for a LONG time, and anyone with a lathe has the ability to construct a high quality firearm suppressor for little cost.

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