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How to Build Your Own Solar Cell

How to Build Your Own Solar Cell
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Don’t think that you can take this PDF How to Build Your Own Solar Cell and cheaply power your home.  This is a chemistry project to explain how it works.

That being said, it is pretty cool to dye glass with berry juice and get measurable electric current from something you did yourself.  I think this is a great weekend project with your kids.  Or even something to do for YouTube.  However, as I said earlier, it is not practical at scale.

Especially since this seems to be part of a kit.  You need special glass to make this work.  At the time I got this PDF I had not tried to see if I could contact the inventor to see the availability of the kit components.

I figure that this pdf gives enough information that a motivated individual could figure out how to get a kit.  Or, to recreate it in they truly wanted to learn how to build their own solar cell.

While I have my fair share of solar cells and solar power is a part of my disaster and retirement plans.  I feel reducing the need for electricity in general as well as using water for heating and cooking directly is more efficient.

How to Build Your Own Solar Cell

How to Build Your Own Solar Cell


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