How To Can Hotdogs

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Canning is a great method to preserve food. Due to space issues I only have a small freezer, and it is already full. Besides that, it a disaster situation, even a short term minor disaster, it takes a lot of alternative energy input to cycle the freezer pump.

While looking for things to pressure can I came upon a video from Ironhead41 on YouTube. This gentleman did an experiment on pressure canning hotdogs. He tried various methods of doing this, and I decided to take his findings and try it for myself.  This video shows How To Can Hotdogs

At my local grocery store they have a 5 for $20 sale on meat. While many of the items aren’t a deal at that price, sometime I can find a pretty good deal. The other day I found large packages of hotdog sized polish sausages and thought “why the heck not”…
Once again I won’t go into the step by step process of canning, as I have done it before but:

Meat must be pressure canned to allow safe preserving.
All tools must be clean and then made sterile.
Follow the instructions for your canner, and if the pressure decreases below the recipe you need to restart the clock.
No shortcuts unless you like living paralyzed and in an iron lung…

I used a wide mouth quart jar to make getting the dogs out easier, and a dry pack method, and I don’t want the wet texture of a Vienna sausage. I will say that from my research, the type and quality of the hotdog makes the canned texture and taste vary, so experiment with brands if you want to do this on anything other than an experimental scale.

I have heard of people adding spices, peppers, and/or sauces to the canning mixture. It sounds cool, but I haven’t done it yet.

I processed my hotdogs at 10 pounds pressure for 90 minutes and they came out pretty good. So far I am satisfied with the results.

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