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How to Make an Emergency Gas Mask

How to Make an Emergency Gas Mask
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While I don’t recommend macgyvering things like gas masks, this PDF on How to make an emergency gas mask is better than breathing in methal-ethyl-bad stuff because your mask is in a remote bug out location and not on your side during a terror attack or chemical spill.

I still recommend buying a quality mask and good filters for the people you love, knowing how to make one in a pinch is also good to know.

I like knowing how to do stuff, and I think this PDF is neat, but once again, have I said that it is much better to buy a true mask and filter that is certified against chemical agents than rigging one from soda bottles and household scrap?

If I had nothing else, and I had to get somewhere, and I had no choice but to go through a hazardous chemical plume, I would try this – but it would be my VERY LAST resort, and while its better than taking an unprotected lung full of toxic fumes, a handmade gas mask isn’t that much better….

If you don’t believe me watch videos where your ignorant libs make these and go up against tear gas grenades – they always end up sucking wind and crying….

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