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How to Open a Hershey Kiss With Two Fingers

How to Open a Hershey Kiss With Two Fingers
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No, How to Open a Hershey Kiss With Two Fingers has nothing to do with prepping.  I just thought it was pretty cool when I saw a similar video on Facebook so I had to practice until I knew how to open a Hershey kiss with two fingers.

Its actually pretty simple once you understand the mechanics.  It took me a while to realize that the paper flag actually played a roll in opening the kiss.

I have heard that the shape of the kiss was designed to allow it to be opened in this manner – while I am not sure this is true, it sounds cool.

If you are unwilling to practice this “skill” you can just as easily unwrap the chocolate by holding it and pull the flag out.

Now to tie this to prepping, you should realize that disasters small or large are pretty stressful, and its always nice to have some comfort items stashed away.

After a particularly rough day when hope is small and people are stressed and tired you would be amazed at how much a mood can change if a small surprise or piece of chocolate miraculously appears.

I have candy stashed in the deepest recess of the freezer just for this reason.  A little comfort goes a long way in keeping things in perspective.

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