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How to Season and Dry Your Own Wood

Book Review: How to Season and Dry Your Own Wood
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Wood may grow on trees, but it’s still expensive, especially for fine woodworkers in the market for high-quality lumber.

Knowing how to season and dry your own wood is the answer.  This is an expert’s handbook on finding, processing, seasoning, and drying your own wood.

Designed with the independent crafts-person in mind, it focuses on working with small loads.  This is an approach neglected in most other books on this subject. There are tips on sources, as well as on how to select and prepare the wood to bring out the most desired grain patterns. A truly unique resource.

I have lots of trees to cut, and a mill to turn them into lumber, but drying them and preparing them for work takes time.  Dry wood is necessary for lumber as it is for burning.  A future project of mine is a solar kiln to dry wood.  I had planned to turn a shipping container into a kiln, but I found I needed them for tool storage more.

Being able to season and dry your own wood to make lumber is vital to affordable homestead building.  This book helps that process immeasurably.

In my experience, and your experience may be different, cutting the wood is much simpler than drying is and preparing it for use.

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