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How to Walk Your Dog at Night? What You Need to Know

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Do you love to walk your dog at night? Is this adventure an excellent source of pleasure? But, do you know how to exactly make is safe? When you see the right and safe way of walking your dog at night, you do not have to worry about the safety of your pet.

Whether you are in a well-lit place, or worse, in a pitch-black area, it is annoying and maddeningly difficult to spot your dog when they decide to wander off at night.

Would you love to know the simple tricks that will help you take your favorite dog for a nighttime walk safely? I share with you what you need to do for you and your pet to safely enjoy your walk.

Ensure That You Are Visible

Reflective vests are not only meant for riders, they make an essential resource for your dog and yourself because they are a great way of ensuring safety as you have your nighttime walk.

Over six million dogs and cats were killed by motorists last year in the US. A majority of these deaths occurred at night, and drivers argue that they could not see these pets. When dogs and their owners are more visible at night, the incidence of such accidents is minimized. (1)

Why would I recommend you and your dog having reflective vests on? Well, these vests enhance your visibility for any pups, other humans, bikes, or even cars passing by. Therefore, they are a standard measure of ensuring that you are equally visible at night and chances of an accident are minimized.

What I love about my and the pet’s reflective vests is that they are so fashionable and cool to rock in.

Always Use Pathways You Are Familiar With

I know, it is exciting to be adventurous, and exploring new walking routes and avenues is no exception. However, it is only safe to avoid new paths and trails at night.

The simplest of reasons is the need to avoid getting lost and being unable to trace your way back home. Secondly, when you try out new paths, there could be a likelihood of encountering unusual people or nocturnal creatures which could either be a distraction or a danger. They could be skunks or raccoons, or other nighttime creatures which your dog might want to chase after.

You might also want to stay on routes where other dog owners take their dogs for walks at night. Research holds that a common pathway where people commonly take their dogs for walks is perceived to be safe for human and dog walking. (2)

Sticking to well-known and populated trails would only imply a safe, hassle-free nighttime walk with your pup as other nocturnal animals keep off such places.

Ensure That You Carry a Headlamp

I find it convenient how headlamps give me a hands-free ability to perceive and handle stuff that could be in front of me. Lights are way more comfortable to use when navigating in the dark as compared to handheld flashlights.

If you intend to walk your dog at night, then a headlamp is a must-have. You could want to hold something else in your hand while keeping to your dog leash, and a light will offer you ultimate visibility.

I love to think of myself as the dog-walking world’s Indiana Jones when I explore the night streets with my faithful furry pup by my side. You too can feel the experience, grab a headlamp that makes your nighttime walk more memorable.

Use a Retractable Dog Leash

Perhaps this is the most significant safety measure when having a walk with your dog at night. Have you ever imagined what could happen to your dog it she or he darts out into the dark or across the street? Your pup could get lost, or even get hit by a speeding car.

Why a Retractable Dog Leash?

Some critics hold that a retractable dog leash is hazardous to your dog. However, I love to view it as a matter of the user and never the leash itself. The retractable dog leash keeps your dog within a safe distance while allowing them enough range to wander, play, or even run off.

The retractable dog leash provides for length adjustment, and your dog is never too far. Also, your dog feels to pull less as they would love to be close to you.

A dog has a better sight at night than you, so it is only wise to have a retractable leash to control their movement. You might need to make your dog leash visible in the dark. This way, your dog is safer. There is a wide range of quality and affordable reflective leashes in your local pet supply store.

Alternatively, you could use reflective tape to wrap along your leash. This way, you are certain your pup is visible should any headlight flash on them.

Unsure whether you are purchasing the appropriate retractable dog leash? Pay attention to length, safety, extra features, durable and sturdy when choosing the best retractable dog leash.

Remember to Carry Your Phone.

How can you ensure that your dog is safe when you aren’t? Safety starts with you, so carry your phone every time you take a nighttime walk with your dog. A cell phone may turn out to be your ultimate lifesaver if an emergency occurs.

Therefore, before going out at night with your pet, ensure that your phone is charged. Also, you must save the contacts of ride-sharing service providers, taxi service providers, an emergency veterinarian, of the local police.

Furthermore, your phone should possess various features which may make your nighttime walk more convenient and fun. These may include:

  • Pet apps for safety and fun.
  • Navigational tools for easy path determination at night
  • A built-in flashlight as a backup to your headlamp

Remember, walking your dog can be fun if you follow the due steps to ensure safety. There is nothing scary about the whole adventure, all it takes are the right accessories and a familiar route, and you and your pet might have the best moments every evening.

Follow the above steps to give your dog the loving attention and evening walk they deserve.


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