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How to Wax Hard Cheese


How to Wax Hard Cheese
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The reason you need to know how to wax hard cheese, is that the wax protects your cheese during storage.  Since making cheese was the best way to store milk before refrigeration.  However, I think it is quite useful to know “just in case” of some manner of catastrophic disaster.  Additionally I think it is a really cool skill.

The aging times also killed any harmful bacteria that may have been present in the milk.  This was important because pasteurization had not been discovered.  However, anyone who has left an open block of cheese in the refrigerator knows that air will dry out your beautiful cheese into an ugly yellow rock.

The process of covering the cheese in a protective coating of wax was created to seal in moisture.  Sealing with wax also protects the cheese during aging.

While my waxed cheese may not be the prettiest, It does it’s job at protecting my farmhouse cheddar until I can eat it…

Over time and by experimentation I find there are simpler ways of waxing cheese, simply dipping the cheese into the wax works well.  But I tend to burn my fingers when I try it that way, so I still like using a brush as shown in the video below.

If you have other methods of how to wax hard cheese, I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Lmc4297 Lmc4297

    Can hard cheese waxed be ok if it is not refrigerated in the event that it’s not available. Is it regular candle wax or a special wax and where is it available. Would American, brick, asiago etc be ok to preserve with wax or are they not hard enough? Thank you so much. Lynn

  2. Kloidolt Kloidolt

    So how did this cheese turn out, a keeper or not doing that again?”

    • Anonymous Anonymous

      Keeper… I was following the recipe every 2 weeks for a couple months, but got busy and stopped filling the pipeline so to speak. It is more crumbly than a real cheddar, and very sharp, but it melts really well, and I liked it a lot.

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