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Hydropower, by Andrew MacKillop went out of print in 1983, luckily it was saved by the CD3WD project because water power was basic to the growth of western and people living near the affected site who have to society.

But, as the author says in his introduction, this historical uses needn’t deter us from using it! If we ensure that the environment is not going to be damaged by a dam or artificial waterways, then this source of power can probably come closest to the ideal of effective and non-polluting power.

to the ideal of effective and non-polluting power.

Besides the explanations on the terms used in hydropower, my favorite part of the book is the  Water Power Questionaire at the end.

Print out that page and answer the questions asked and you will soon know if you have enough potential energy to creat a realistic working system.

I’ve worked with individuals that wanted to jury rig a system using hydropower from a small steam to lift water 80 feet to use in cooling a 40 foot high cube shipping container that had no insulation or shade.  Of course it could be done, but the expense of such a project would negate any cooling effects.

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