I applied for a Curio and Relic (Type 3 FFL) Yesterday

I applied for a Curio and Relic (Type 3 FFL) Yesterday

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I have been doing research on the Federal Curio and Relic license for a few months now, and while I planned on writing about it here, James at Survival Punk asked me to do a guest post, and since this was on my mind, C&R licenses were what I wrote about.  If you want to see my post, on his awesome site, follow this link.

Okay, so seeing the post online spurred me to act.  I went to the ATF website and downloaded the form, added my credit card info for the $30 fee, and took a copy to my sheriff.  I did have to explain to the secretary that Sheriff Bledsoe did not have to do anything, but the regulations stated I needed to inform him of my application.

I will follow up with a post when the ATF charges my credit card, any follow up info, and when I get my license.  I will probably also then do another post on ordering my first C&R gun, and post how much the license is saving me.

I can’t wait to get the license, as many of the firearm stores I deal with online give deep discounts for those with Federal Firearm Licenses and do not discriminate between curio and relic and commercial FFLs.


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