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Ice Pack Review


Gear Review: Ice Pack
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I like old fashioned tools, and this ice Pack is one.  It is sturdy and well designed using a proven form.  I love how it is easy to load and had a nice cloth cover bonded to a rubber bladder.  It does not leak, even after letting a 4 year old play with it.

My wife is appreciative because she thinks I got it for her.  In reality, I got it so that I could have a way to have ice packs without having to buy those ammonium nitrate ice packs that are a one time use.  I think those type of packs are better suited to making homemade tannerite.

Anyway, as the video shows there really isn’t much to this ice pack, it just works.


I downgraded the stars on this, as after about a month the glue around the lid failed.  There was no way to repair this, and it should have lasted longer than a month


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