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IED Safe Standoff Distance

IED Safe Standoff Distance
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In my day this information was classified, but I figure the terrorists that build bombs know how powerful a bomb they built.  Who doesn’t know is the people tasked with writing their agency bomb threat procedures.

I have been to more than one drill where the exercise controllers add in an IED (improvised Explosive Device) and the exercise participants get so involved in the exercise that they continue to work around the bomb.  I don’t understand that.  If you find a bomb – GET AWAY FROM IT!  go far away, don’t get out your cell phone.  If you can see the bomb, it can see you.

If it can see you shrapnel can hit you.  I could link to hundreds of youtube videos where some idiot shot tannerite and the camera picked up pieces of lawnmower, car, tree, whatever flying past the poor shooter.  Heck I could sow you a couple where I was the idiot doing the shooting.

Bombs can kill without even hitting you with pieces of bomb  – just the pressure of the explosion can kill you.  It is important to know how far to go.  This document tell you.

The link below opens a Unclassified PDF on IED Safe Standoff Distance

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”IED Safe Standoff Distance Cheat Sheet”]

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