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Improved Greenhouse of the Future

Book Review: Improved Greenhouse of the Future
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Some time back I got to review a DVD of a tire based greenhouse of the future.  I really loved the information, and planned to incorporate it into the south facing hillside of my land.

Last night Curt Close, the producer of the original Greenhouse of the Future DVD contacted me and said that due to viewers demand, he is producing a new set of plans for a lumber based greenhouse of the future.

This was people that want a sheltered greenhouse but are not willing or cannot construct with earth pounded tires can still benefit from the technology.

I have included a link to the vimeo trailer here

He is trying to raise money to finish the video in a crowdfunding platform.

If you are interested here is the link.

I like this idea, and have the original greenhouse of the future video.  The original tire based plans are awesome, and I would love to build one just as shown.  However, the improved version uses dimensional lumber so it is much easier to construct.

I hope you check out the improved version, and I would imagine more of them will be built as it is an easier project for those looking for a greenhouse.

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