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How to Make a Improvised Cooking Stand from Shelf Brackets

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This is one of those “why didn’t I think of that” posts – I first saw this on Stealth Survival and later on pinterest.

By repurposing shelf brackets you can make a really cool improvised cooking stand for any pots that do not have handles to hold over your campfire.

Somewhere I acquired a couple boxes of metal shelf brackets that were in need of a use, so I jumped on trying this out.

I will say that using 4 brackets and have each end rest on the next bracket makes a very study platform, but using three in a triangular setup works if you don’t have that extra bracket.

The brackets are designed to nest, so that they don’t take a lot of space in your bug out or camping kit, and you can throw in some nuts and bolts to connect them together so you don’t spill the beans…

Two other nice things about this is that you can push the brackets into the ground before building your fire to make it even more sturdy, and because most brackets have a long leg and a short leg, you can experiment with different configurations to fit your pots.

As with all of my heating methods, stay tuned and we will try this without survival still to see how study this is…

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