Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 20)

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Incremental Disaster Kit

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We are almost done with the incremental disaster kit – by now you should see a lot of life saving food and equipment piled up in a corner of your home.  You should also be feeling more prepared as you have taken a lot of positive steps to ensure you have skills and abilities that go beyond canned food.

This week you should spend time working on your disaster kit by documenting your household goods for insurance purposes.

You should also purchase some tools and safety items for using those tools.  I know that I don’t like wearing work gloves, but they save me lots of frustration with blisters, splinters, and cuts when I wear them.

Gloves and goggles may not seem like items for your disaster kit, but injuries can be disabling or deadly in times of disaster – normal medical channels may not be available, and any injury can leave you vulnerable for life threatening infection.

To Buy:
____Camping or utility knife
____Work gloves
____Safety goggles
____Disposable dust masks
____2 blank videocassettes
Specialty Store
____Get an extra battery for motorized mobility aids

To Do:
____Use a video camera to tape the contents of your home for insurance purposes.
____Make a copy of the videotape and send to an out-of-town friend or family member.
____Find out about your workplace disaster plan.

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