Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 12)

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Incremental Disaster Kit

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We are getting close to the end of the incremental disaster kit posts.*  By this point you should be amassing a goof bit of gear, have some new skills, and feeling much more prepared for disaster.

Having worked in Emergency Management for more than a decade, I have been to disaster shelters.  While the government and it’s employees do try to take care of its people in disasters, it is rather impersonal and spotty.
I would much rather be able to take care of myself and my family and keep them out of the shelters if at all possible.

This disaster kit is a large piece of my plan to stay out of shelters.  My families kit has grown over the years, and I have actually built more than one.  One for my home, and the other for a place I would go to in the event I had to leave my home.

____Extra harness, leash, ID tags, and food for your service animal and/or pets
____Extra water
____Obtain current vaccinations and medical records of your animal(s)

To Do:
____Develop a pet care plan in case of disaster.
____Make photocopies of all vaccination records and put them in your disaster supplies kit.
____Put extra animal harness, leash, and identification tag(s) in your disaster supplies kit.

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