Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 18)

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Incremental Disaster Kit

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We are getting close to the end of the incremental disaster kit posts.*  By this point you should be amassing a goof bit of gear, have some new skills, and feeling much more prepared for disaster.

Having worked in Emergency Management for more than a decade, I have been to disaster shelters.  While the government and it’s employees do try to take care of its people in disasters, it is rather impersonal and spotty.  I would much rather be able to take care of myself and my family and keep them out of the shelters if at all possible.

This disaster kit is a large piece of that plan.  Mine has grown over the years, and I have actually built more than one.  One for my home, and the other for a place I would go to in the event I had to leave my home.

To Buy:
____”Child proof” latches or other fasteners for your cupboards
____Double-sided tape or hook-and-loop fasteners (such as Velcro® ) to secure moveable objects
____Plastic bucket with tight lid
____Plastic sheeting

To Do:
____Arrange for someone to install latches on cupboards and secure moveable objects.
____Put away a blanket or sleeping bag for each household member.

(*Actually upon editing it, I realize it is 5 years old and you could easily just skip ahead to see the final list – don’t do that though as the project is split into managable chunks each week – if you skip to the end most people would not finish but keep a plan to just buy everything at once – at some point….)

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