Incremental Disaster Kit (Week 7)

Incremental Disaster Kit

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More food (you can never have too much food), but also we are starting with longer term sanitation and comfort.  Being able to repair your clothes and start dealing with hygiene issues is becoming important

In an emergency situation you may not be able to rely on infrastructure.  Hospitals may be full or even closed.  Being able to take care of small injuries may keep them from becoming larger emergencies.



If you haven’t been following the incremental plan or are just starting I want you to realize how just getting started is a BIG DEAL.  The majority of the citizens (and occupants) of this country have less prepared than what you would have if you followed this plan to this weeks amounts.

Most people have good plans, but they never follow through.  Just the act of starting makes you special – but don’t stop keep following the incremental plan and taking little steps and you will eventually have a huge safety net.

I find that by dong this incrementally and spending a few dollars “extra” when going shopping, building a kit is rather painless and the money spent is really not noticed, but after a while the kit grows.

You can easily build on this to where you have a large pantry and can start to save for bulk purchases of food – which will start to save you money which you can then reinvest to paying down debt, building savings, and buying larger preparedness items.  It is really a situation where a little discipline will cause you to win.

To Buy:

____1 gallon water (for each person)
____1 can ready-to-eat soup (not concentrated) (for each person)
____1 can fruit (for each person)
____1 can vegetables (for each person)
____Sewing kit
Also, extra plastic baby bottles, formula, and diapers, if needed.

To Do:

____Establish an out-of-town contact to call in case of emergency.
____Share this information with your network so they know whom to call.
____Make arrangements for your network to check on you immediately after an evacuation order or a disaster.



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