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How to Install Windows in a Tiny House


Installing Windows in a Tiny House
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In this post we show installing windows in a storage shed turned tiny house.  I am by no means a carpenter, and the owner of the house is even worse.  But we do manage to install some weatherproof windows salvaged from the trailer.

The windows are about the only thing we were able to salvage from the trailer, and not because we demolished it with a backhoe, but because it building was in such rough shape.

The first thing we did when we started installing windows was to add bracing to frame an opening a little larger than the window we were installing.

After we boxed in the window, we cut out the siding using a reciprocal saw.  This made the opening.

I had to scrape off the old tar weather stripping from the windows before we could install the salvaged windows, but once the frame was clean the new window slid right into the frame.

Next we leveled the window and attached it to the frame.

The next step was to add a rubber weatherstrip around the frame so water would not get into the tiny house.

The last part was to nail up molding over the weather striping.  We used wide 1x boards because we liked the looks.

As you can see the windows are functional and do their job pretty well.

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