Insulate a Shipping Container Part 1

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Insulate a Shipping Container Part 1

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This post shows how I started to insulate a shipping container.

I am working on my 40 foot shipping container so that I have a nice condensation free insulated room that I can both heat and cool.  the first thing I did was frame in a wall about 10 feet from the back of the box.

Next I got out my diy hot wire cutter and made a rigged up fence so I could cut 4×8 sheets of 3/4 inch foam to 3.5 inches so they could fit in the roof corrugation.

Next I used construction adhesive to glue the foil side of the foam to the metal roof.  I did this because some glue will melt the foam, also because I wanted the vapor barrier on the metal side.

My dad and I rigged strips of plywood to hold the ends of the foam as the glue set.  It was a two man job, but one person can do it if they are organized.

After I ran out of glue, we built a t-post to hold a piece of plywood in the center of the foam strips so they should set without sagging.

Later I will show the video of the framing, as well as show how we finish the roof.  for now, I am out of money for materials and glue and spray foam are expensive.

This might not be the right way to insulate a shipping container, but it is how I figured out how to do it.  If you have a comment or a better way, I still have 30 feet of this one, and 40 feet of my dad’s to insulate.

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