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Intensive Gardening for Profit and Self-Sufficiency

Intensive Gardening is the idea of growing lots of plants in a small space.  To do that you need to understand plant biology, your soil, and the local environment.

This peace corps manual from the CD3WD set teaches all that and more.

Not every prepper owns a 40 acre farm, most of us do well to have a suburban garden.  So we need to pack every inch with productivity.  This is where intensive gardening shines.

That is why I own so many books on gardening, I want to be able to grow my own food from seed.  However, my problem is not knowledge, it is skill.  Mostly its patience, but that is a skill….

I strongly recommend any person interested in self-sufficiency or disaster resilience (prepping) buy seeds, but don’t JUST store them, get out and PLANT them.

I know that the more I grow my own food the better I get at it.  In the beginning I felt it was easy and did not require practice.  I spent a lot of money on plants and got very little food in exchange.

While owning seeds is a part of being prepared for a large scale collapse, it is not enough.  You must have the skill.

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