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Interesting Gun


Gear Review: Interesting Gun
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This is a very interesting gun that was in my grandfather’s estate – This gun has some history in my family – My dad used it for a while when he was a deputy. But in addition to family history, this gun has a interesting history.

It’s a Llama frame with a colt government slide.

Basically in the early 1930’s Llama made some guns based on the 1911 and 1911A1 – many were chambered in .38 super with what they called a “tolerant chamber” so that they could fire both 9mm and 38 super. In this gun, being in a “heirloom” and not being mine – I did not fire it with 9mm largo.

I did shoot it with the .38 supers – which is a rimless case based upon the old .38 acp – it looks like long 9mm case, (which is some aspects it kind of is).
What is neat with the old Llama’s because they used 1911 blueprints, many .45 caliber 1911 parts fit with no problems.

Somewhere my Grandpa acquired some government model .45 magazines, and a complete 1911 GI issue upper. The slide fits right on the Llama frame and allows a very quick conversion between the .38 and the .45.

This old gun is not to be confused with the newer model Llama’s – I know many gun guys that think the newer Llamas are the single black mark on the 1911 tradition.

Many will not own one no matter what the price – additionally the holes in the new Llama frames are oversized, and many of the parts are not interchangeable – so if you have a Llama minimax or other guns don’t try this at home.

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