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Invisible Resistance to Tyranny

Book Review: Invisible Resistance to Tyranny
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When I saw Invisible Resistance to Tyranny in the Paladin catalog, I knew I had to have it. Laws are becoming more oppressive and politicians show a disregard, disrespect of, or ignorance toward our Constitution and the principles behind the document.

I wonder how much longer sites like mine will be “tolerated”.

However, I was a little disappointed in the book because the majority of the information is just plain common sense if you think about this type of problem.

I did learn from the book, and It has a place in my library, but I have to wonder if someone else has written a book on this topic that covers the material a little more thoroughly.

That being said the concepts in Invisible Resistance to Tyranny are things that you need to think about and determine what it is you are willing to tolerate as a American citizen.  I would not expect any life altering revelations or a lot of practical information from this book, but it does have value.  How much would depend on how much you gain from reading vs contemplation.

If you want a more enjoyable read, and one that has more action items, I would choose Claire Wolfe’s 101 Things to Do ‘Til the Revolution and/or Don’t Shoot the Bastards (YET)

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