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Homesteading: July 2015 Update


Homesteading: July 2015 Update
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In the homestead July 2015 Update I show the shade I made out of the trees I cut as I cleared out part of the woods.

The friend of my neighbor didn’t do much with the backhoe either, I ended up having to take the spool valve to Nashville to an actual hydraulic mechanic.

Once I bit the bullet and paid a professional to rebuild the valve and I found a constriction in the low pressure return line that built up too much pressure the backhoe started running perfectly

That goes to show that sometimes you can’t DIY and by trying to save money on occasion you cost yourself more.

I spent more on repairs by bubba than I did in buying the actual machine.

In this July 2015 Update I also show some debarked logs and talk about where I am going to set up the sawmill and build a goat barn.

Its hard working on a property an hour away from your home.  I work full-time and then have to transit to the property.  This takes time and the gas needed for travel reduces what I can spend on the place.

In the end this will be worth it, but it is not an easy process.

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