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Just Bees Flying in and Out of the Hive


Just Bees Flying in and Out of the Hive
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As the title says, this is “Just Bees Flying in and Out of the Hive”.

I like sitting out in front of my hives and watch them fly in and out of the hive.  Doing so calms me and makes me feel good. Just watching my bees work gives my active part of the brain something to do while letting the rest of it “turn off”.

I find that it is meditative, and after 30 minutes or so I am happier, more rested, and better able to solve whatever problem I was working on.

If you watch this video and are frustrated because it is “Just Bees Flying in and Out of the Hive” then its probably not a video for you.

I hate it when people thumbs down my videos, as I try to always post useful content – but in this case I did this one specifically for me, and I doubt that those that are the kind to blanket YouTube with negativity are the kind to appreciate the beauty of bees flying about their business.

However, this is one video that I didn’t make for you, I made it for me.  I made it I could sit and watch my bees in the middle of winter and try to recreate their calming effect.  That isn’t to say I don’t hope that you enjoy watching the bees as much as I do.

Their circular dance and rhythm to their work is something special.  I get a lot of benefit to my stress level just sitting near the hive with a glass of sweet tea and zoning out to the buzz.

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