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Where to Keep Your Gun Safe: The Essentials

where to keep your gun safe
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With a burglary taking place somewhere in the US every eighteen seconds every single day of the year, it is no wonder that many of us choose to keep a gun in our homes.

Yet, as soon as we make the decision to do this another issue crops up; where to keep you gun safe. This is something that needs some thought put into it or else you could end up worrying that you aren’t as well protected as you had hoped to be.

Clearly, putting the firearm in a safe is the smartest way to get started but where will you put the safe? The truth is that the answer should be fairly obvious one you think about the main factors.

In the Bedroom

One of the most common places to keep a gun is in the bedroom. This makes sense, as it means that you can quickly get hold of the firearm if you are woken up by strange noises in the middle of the night.

Of course, some people feel nervous about having a gun in the bedroom. This is especially true if there are young children in the house who could get access to it. So, you will want to keep it in a good gun safe that only you or other adults in the family can open.

You could put your gun safe under your bed, on the wall next to the bed, or in a small safe in your nightstand. As long as you can open it swiftly in case of emergency you can sleep more easily.

Where No-one Can See It

Would it make sense to put your gun safe in a place where intruders should never be able to even see it? You might also think that hiding it away out of sight is a good idea if there are youngsters around who might stumble across it.

Not everyone uses a professional safe though, which means that this idea can cause more harm than good. Hiding a gun in a box or disguising it in some way means that anyone who finds it has easy access to it.

If you are going to put your firearm inside a good safe then there should really be no need to look for a hiding place. Indeed, some people like to put a big, solid gun safe in an obvious place as a sort of burglar deterrent.

The Living Room

Another idea that you might consider is that of putting your gun safe in the living room. This is likely to be of interest to you if you have a nice collection of firearms and would like to show them off in the likes of a wood cabinet with reinforced glass panels.

The downside of this approach is that your gun may be too far away from you if you need to react to an intruder during the night. If your main reason for having a firearm at home is for home security then you will probably want it to be closer to your bed.

On the other hand, if you use a gun for sporting reasons then this is a good spot to let visitors see your prized firearms. You might then have an additional gun next to your bed for security purposes.

In Different Parts of the House

Naturally, you simply don’t know in which part of the house a burglar could enter. Well, some surprising figures show that about a third of them enter through the front door. Around 30% or so find an easy way in through an unlocked door or window.

If there are no obvious weak spots in your home security then you won’t know where they will enter or at what time this will happen. Most burglaries happen between 6am and 6pm, while people are at work, but it could be when you are cooking in the kitchen, working in the garage or doing anything else.

Therefore, it might make sense for you to have more than one gun around the property. Would you feel more secure knowing that you are going to be near to a firearm no matter where you are when you hear the sound of shattering glass or splintering wood?

Provided that you a great safe to keep the guns in, there is no harm in choosing a number of strategic spots around the house.


By considering your needs, your lifestyle, and your main concerns it should be possible to find the ideal for where to keep your gun safe. It is then a question of enjoying your property while knowing that you can easily reach for a weapon if you ever need to.  I hope today’s article on where to keep your gun safe was useful.  Please let me know what you want to see on this site.

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  1. Edward Blocker Edward Blocker

    This post is eye-opening:
    Literally exposes a lot of gun safe myths, many of which have been repeated in this thread. 
    Gun safes aren’t as safe as you think. And any “rating” entirely depends on who’s assigning the rating.

  2. Ben Leucking Ben Leucking

    Once you realize that you need to get to your gun, an active threat has probably existed for at least a minute, if not longer. If you are unable to access your firearm within a matter of seconds, you picked the wrong place to store it. The last place I would store a home defense firearm is in a locked safe.

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