Kid Safe Sparkler Usage

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My wife was worried about the boy having sparklers on the Fouth of July.  As it is unAmerican not to light sparklers on the 4th I had to interviene.  This idea for kid safe sparkler usage came from the concern about the boy burning himself.

I probably should have used something other than a plastic up, as burning plastic makes a terrible burn, but I was right by the boy and did not worry about him burning himself with the sparkler (or he would not have had it in the first place) but I was worried about him being scared of the sparks.

Once again this post probably does not give the typical reader much use, as a plastic cup is not exactly kid safe, but it worked for the limited need I had and I wanted to share in the event that someone else could take my idea and refine it to solve a problem they may be having.

A better solution would probably be to wear gloves or better still, wait until momma goes inside before getting the fireworks out.

Of course, he can’t help himself, William gets excited and always tells on us when I try to do things as “just us boys”….

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