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Knife Fighting Techniques from Folsom Prison

Knife fighting techniques from folsom prison

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This is an interesting book, and it definitely raises thought.  As a correctional professional, I have seen enough prison made knifes and stabbings to last a lifetime.

The techniques in this book work, but they are brutal and require a certain mindset.

Actually I find the mindset from knife fighting techniques from folsom prison to be more useful than the actual techniques described in the book.

As a commenter said, the skills portion of this book can be summed up with stick the pointy end in real fast and a lot of times.

A prison stabbing is brutal and fast, with motions very similar to a sewing machine – the big difference is that a sewing machine builds, a prison stabbing takes away.
I would not use this as my sole source of knife fighting information.  However, I do believe that Knife fighting techniques from folsom prison has a place in a serious martialist’s library.

With the right mindset and information found in this book, a person can never be truly disarmed.  Our prison staff can attest to this as we find knives, shivs, and shanks on a daily basis.  A stabbing tool can be made from most anything in just a few moments.

Put Em Down & Take Them Out, Knife Fighting Skills from Folsom Prison
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