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Dave’s Homestead Land Plan Update 2016

Dave's Homestead Land Plan Update 2016
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Since I was out at the land working, I thought I would take the time to give you a land plan update.  It is late 2016 and I have been pretty busy out working.

My full time job does not allow me time to get tot he land as much as I would like, but my Dad has come out to help me.

He has a strong skill set in construction, but we do clash as he is a perfectionist that gets tired of a project and doesn’t complete it.  I am a hurry up and finish type.

It is hard to balance his need for perfection and my urgency, but when we do the work seems to be better for it.

I am in the process of demolishing the doublewide, and insulating the shipping containers.  I don’t want to build them out too much, as they are not in their final resting spot.

I still need to excavate the hillside to level where I want them to go.

The plan is still to use the trailer frame to deck over the two boxes so I can have a workshop/garage underneath and a sheltered area above to use for classes and things.

I also need to dig out the range and a root cellar, as well as level some spots for goat and rabbit barns and a bathhouse.

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